As you’ll know if you follow my posts, I’m pretty keen for you to be able to be in charge of what’s happening in your head and reclaim some head space. And it was because of this that I decided to simplify the head trash clearance process so that you can take charge fully.

One important part of the 5 step process is saying the 10 Head Trash Clearance Mantras to yourself. Now, I realise that remembering the 10 mantras might not appear to be easy, so I thought it would help to explain what they are a bit more and why they’re used. That way, you should find it much easier to remember them.

So, in today’s episode I talk about the 10 Head Trash Clearance Mantras so that you can better understand them and therefore remember them.

I would love to know if this helps… and if it doesn’t!  So, feel free to get in touch to let me know!


Running time: 13 minutes.

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