About Alexia, Founder

Alexia LeachmanAround ten years ago, I was a highly stressed cog, in a glamorous, fast paced corporate world. As a beauty industry marketer it was my job to find ways to make women want to spend their money on products that would make them “feel better” all the while knowing that if you want to feel better, you needed to start on the inside and not in a shop. Little did I know that the emptiness that I was bringing to work everyday was about to get worse. A lot worse.

One day as I was caught up in the stresses of deciding what shade of green to use on a pack of tweezers. I got the call; my adorable mother had cancer. When I said goodbye six weeks later, little did I know that this was just the beginning of a very dark and seemingly eternal pit of pain and loss. And so began a desperate search for happiness and meaning. A search that I would turn into my work.

After training to be a coach, I quit my marketing career and got to grips with the inside of my head by learning the workings of the mind. I was lucky to trained with some of the best masters of the mind. Of course, I tested everything I learned on myself, because let’s face it I needed this stuff more than most. As a personal brand coach, I helped my clients to discover and get clear on who they were, reconnect to their authentic selves and find their purpose, which as it happened, actually helped me to discover mine.

Today, as the founder of Head Trash, I want to make it as easy as possible for people to reclaim their head space so that they can enjoy the happiness, contentment and inner calm that comes with it. In case, you’re wondering why you might want all those things… well, to borrow a well-known phrase from my old world… because you’re worth it!