Our Values

As individuals our values are the cornerstone of our lives; they’re the unwritten rules we live by. Unfortunately, they can also be the main source of most of our head trash. If you want to find out why, you might want to listen my podcast episode 3 ways that your values give you head trash as it gives all the juicy details.

So given the role and importance of our values, it seems only right for me to share mine with you here.

Light hearted

Just because we have head trash doesn’t mean we have to take it, or oursevles, so seriously. Let’s lighten up and clear it out!


Your mind and body are precious and I always feel honoured to be asked to help. I will work with your best interests in mind, even if that means turning you away.


I say it like it is and I walk my talk. Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer. Everything I share with you, I’ve done to myself. Yep! I started with the man in the mirror.


We promise to challenge the way you think about yourself and your world.

Efficient Efficacy

I don’t like wasting time on things that don’t work. Who does, right? So I only use techniques that deliver results quickly, No wishy-washy woo-woo here. Just stuff that works.


I don’t want you to be addicted to me. In fact, I’d prefer it if you were able to live your life on your terms with utter freedom, choice and flexibility. That’s why, as clients, I will provide you with what you need to help yourself so that you can stay healthy, and as my students, I will provide you with the tools to go forth and help others.