Reflective Repatterning

Reflective Repatterning is a new therapeutic technique from the field of Energy Psychology.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology builds on conventional therapeutic models and works by stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin, combined with specific psychological procedures. This combination can shift the brain’s electrochemistry to help overcome negative emotions, habits and behaviours. Other techniques within this new and exciting field include Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT).

Reflective Repatterning

Reflective Repatterning was discovered and refined by Chris Milbank and is a powerful intervention technique that helps to eliminate any head trash that is impacting negatively on your life. It uses a psychological framework that uncovers deeply held unconscious conflicting values, negative emotions and belief patterns. By working at a deep level it clears the emotional charge that creates the friction between these patterns, leaving you feeling calm and clear in thought.

Most people have a default setting; a typical behavioural response to a given situation and Reflective Repatterning provides the freedom, choice and flexibility as to how to respond. Regular use of Reflective Repatterning helps to creates a gap between your emotional triggers and your response, enabling you to live mindfully day-to-day.

Reflective Repatterning works much deeper and more thoroughly than other therapeutic techniques;

  • It doesn’t just work with how your head trash is affecting YOU, but how those people around you are affected, and in turn how they might affect you
  • It uses the law of opposites and applies Newton’s 3rd Law to our emotions. This insight provides a much deeper level of clearing when it comes to managing our emotional wellbeing.
  • It clears emotions out of mind AND body providing a much deeper level of clearance.

What can Reflective Repatterning help with?

It is hugely successful in working with most head trash including anxiety, negative and limiting beliefs, value conflicts, negative internal chatter and dialogue, stress, depression, fears, phobias and other emotional upsets.

Find out more about Reflective Repatterning

I chatted to the founder of Reflective Repatterning, Chris Milbank on my podcast so if you’d like to hear him talking all about it, just hit the play button below. During our chat Chris shares;

  • What RR is
  • How he came to develop it
  • How it’s different to other mind therapies such as NLP, TFT, Hypnotherapy and talking therapies such as counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Why he claims that it’s 18 times more effective than other techniques

I also asked him some questions on video which you can watch below too.

What is Reflective Repatterning, by its founder Chris Milbank

by Alexia Leachman | The Head Trash Show