Head Trash Clearance

These session are where all the clearance action happens. Perhaps you’ve tried using the 5 Step Process on your own and now you feel that you need some help dealing with some of the bigger stuff that’s affecting you. Or maybe, you just prefer having someone else take care of things for you.

These sessions are ideal for helping with

  • clearing fears and phobias
  • reducing anxiety
  • clearing stress triggers and stressful feelings
  • reducing feelings of overwhelm
  • challenges around confidence or self-esteem
  • insomnia and sleep issues
  • clearing traumas and negative emotional events
  • relationship problems or breakdowns
  • lack of focus or direction in life, or feelings of being stuck or trapped

Choose from simple sessions, or one of the Head Trash Clearance Programmes.

Head Trash Clearance Sessions

Just as it says on the tin, these sessions are exactly that; as much of our time together as possible is spent on clearing out your head trash. A typical session lasts around 45 minutes depending on what issues emerge and when we reach a suitable stop point. This means they may even go on longer – perhaps an hour.

These sessions take place over the phone or via Skype.

Choose from…

Head Trash Clearance – 1 Session    £99

Head Trash Clearance – 3 Sessions  £275

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I had to let you know how things have been since our Head Trash session yesterday.

Firstly I felt instantly calm and in control and confident as soon as the session finished and I kept this with me all evening.
When I woke up this morning, rather than feeling the usual slightly depressed and overwhelmed I actually felt happy and raring to get on with the day,I have had a great day today, confident, got loads done, and totally believe that anything I want to do, I can!

Thank you so much, you are some kind of genius!



Head Trash Clear Out Programme

This is a 4 week intense programme to help you to make some serious progress in creating head space. In addition to our sessions together, I also provide you with unlimited email support as well as access to all of my audio MP3 sessions

Find out more about Head Trash Clear Out

This 4 week programme starts the minute you book when you receive your very own Head Trash Clear Out prep book. This will help you to prepare for our first session by getting you to think about what your head trash is. I want you to get the very best out of our time together and this book helps you to get fully prepped so that we’re ready to start the clear-out ASAP. Some of my clients tell me that just going through this book alone helps to create some clarity… and that’s before we’ve even started! Oh and did I mention that you’re getting some aural treatments thrown in too? This really means that you get the chance to clear away some of your emotional intensity BEFORE we start… which will enable us to go much deeper with our clear out.

Now, you remember I said this was intense? Well, this is in part because of the EXTRA LONG sessions we do – they’re two hours instead of the usual 1. This means that we have MORE TIME to do MORE CLEARANCE WORK. This is what makes this programme such great value!

During our time together, we’re going to unpick your head trash and start clearing it out. To speed things along, you’ll be getting some of your own head trash clearance homework too. You don’t have to do it: you could just leave it to me, but it will mean that we’ll get a lot more done and you’ll notice a bigger difference. You’d be silly not to.

In between sessions I’ll be available in case you need me. You’ll be experiencing some pretty big changes in either subtle or life-changing ways, but just know this: you are not alone, I’ll be there for you the WHOLE TIME, whether that’s by phone, skype or email.

By the end of the Head Trash Clear Out, you’ll be noticeably calmer and clearer, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do this.

Here’s what’s included

  • Head Trash Clear-out prep book
  • 4 weekly EXTRA LONG 2-hour sessions
  • Direct access to me via Skype or email throughout the month
  • Includes 4 audio clearance mp3 sessions: Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Overwhelm [worth £50]

Additional audio products will be provided if I’ve got something that I think will help you (this depends on what you’re experiencing so I can’t guarantee it!)

Head Trash Clear Out £450

Head Trash Liberation VIP Programme

A 6 week programme that combines head trash clearance with me teaching you how to become the master of your mind. In addition, everything you get as part of the Head Trash Clear Out programme, there is extra time included that is spent on me teaching you the insider pro tips on the Clearance Method so that you are able to keep your head space in tact for ever.

Find out more about Head Trash Liberation

A 6-week programme that combines head trash clearance with me teaching you how to become the master of your mind.

This is like an extended version of the Head Trash Clear-out, but better. It’s better in 2 ways. First, we have longer to spend doing head trash clearance work. This means that we get to go deeper and address some of the bigger, more powerful negative patterns that are affecting you.

And second, we don’t just do clearance work. We also use some of the extra time helping you to become more confident in using the head trash clearance method (and some other great techniques too). I will also spend time teaching you how to unpick your head trash so that you find it easier to recognise when you have stuff that needs to be cleared, but more importantly how best to tackle and clear it.

My aim with this programme is to fully equip you to spot those head trash nasties as they appear so you can bat them away, and to give you a solid start on your journey to head space creation.

This option is great if you’re committed to living mindfully and keeping your head space nice and clear, despite what life may throw at you. If you already have other mindfulness practices in your life such as meditation, mantras or yoga, then this will give you another tool for your “keep calm and carry on” kit.

Here’s what’s included

  • Head Trash Clear-out prep book
  • 6 weekly 2-hour session (or longer if required)
  • Access to behind the scenes tips, techniques and resources that will help you clear your head like a pro
  • Direct access to me via Skype or email throughout the 6 weeks
  • Includes 4 audio clearance mp3 sessions: Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Overwhelm [worth $76]

Head Trash Liberation £850


What a powerful transformative experience…Wow! It’s pretty intense and I still feel kinda weird in the head – it’s like the white noise and internal chatter has been subdued!



Head Trash Clear Out



Head Trash Liberation



Thank you for the session on Friday. I had my first good night sleep in ages and woke up Saturday really refreshed.


Finance Director