Head Trash Coaching Sessions

Head Trash Coaching sessions are different to Head Trash Clearance sessions in that we don’t actually do any clearance work.

We offer TWO types of sessions; Head Trash Coaching and Head Trash Clearance Coaching.

Head Trash Coaching

Head Trash Coaching sessions are about helping you to find a way forward in your life so that you can live the life you want.  The unique slant I bring to these coaching sessions is the idea that it’s our head trash that’s preventing us from living the life we want. Once we clear the negative stuff out the way, we are free to gravitate to the life of our dreams and desires, but that also resonates on an authentic level. Sometimes we think we want something but actually deep down we don’t. Clearing the head trash means finding the path that we truly do want with every cell of our being.

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What is Head Trash Coaching?

Head Trash Coaching is a new coaching style that enables us to achieve more powerful results in a shorter amount of time. Coaching is widely acknowledged in being able to help you to improve your ability to achieve your targets and goals. In doing so, it can also help you to increase your self-awareness and personal development. And this means that you are more likely to achieve your full potential and in turn be happier and more fulfilled. So, how can we possibly improve on something that so damned good? Well, it was a new discovery that changed everything for us. A new technique arrived on the scene that was creating change in people that hadn’t been witnessed before. This technique is Reflective Repatterning and it’s this that we’ve simplified into our 5 Step Process. We found that when we combined Reflective Repatterning WITH coaching, that it gave us turbo powered coaching; we could achieve BETTER results QUICKER!

What’s different about Head Trash Coaching?

The bit that Reflective Repatterning helps us with are all those blocks and interferences that get in the way of success. We call this stuff head trash. Head trash includes all those thoughts and feelings that bubble up from deep inside your subconscious, and most of these end up holding us back in some way or other. The problem with a lot of head trash is that we’re only really aware of it ONCE it’s actually making its presence known and it’s getting in the way of our awesomeness. Well, we can now clear these blocks BEFORE they get in your way. So, when we say QUICKER, that’s what we mean. By clearing away the blocks before they get in your way, you can get on with going after what you want quicker and get there much sooner. TURBO-style! The great thing about Head Trash Coaching is that it can be applied to anything you want in life – work, love, business, sport, exercise and relationships. We’ve even worked with mums-to-be on their goal of having a natural birth! These sessions typically last around an hour and are best taken in a series so that we can build momentum in helping you to achieve your goals.


Head Trash Clearance Coaching

These short 30 minute sessions are entirely focused around help you to unpick what’s going on in your head and helping you to find the path to Head Space. In these Clearance Coaching sessions I help you to UNPICK your head trash so that you can crack on with doing your own clearance work yourself.

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A typical head trash coaching session might go like this. During our 30 minute session, we chat about where your head is at right now and what your current experience is. This might mean we talk about things like;

  • what you’re struggling with in your life or work
  • how you’re feeling stuck or unable to move forward on something
  • the barrage of negative emotions that you’re being bombarded with that you just want to stop

Then we talk about what all this is stopping you from achieving…

  • maybe you can’t sleep
  • perhaps you want to ask for a raise/new job at work, but don’t feel confident enough to ask

By doing this, I’m able to pick out the key themes that are contributing to your situation and helping your Head Trash Clearance To do list.

Then we come up with a plan as how you’re going to move forward with doing your clearance work so that you can get nearer to your goals. It’s my aim that when we finish the call, that you’re super clear on what you need to do. I’ll also provide you with tools to help you with your head trash clearance journey. These sessions are ideal if you’re happy to do the clearance work yourself, but need help in figuring out what exactly you need to clear… this is often the hardest part!


Head Trash Clearance Coaching

Choose from

  • 1 session $99
  • 3 sessions $275
  • 6 sessions $499

All sessions are carried out via Skype and are paid for in advance.

Head Trash Coaching

Choose from

  • 1 session = not available
  • 3 sessions $599
  • 6 sessions $999

All sessions are carried out via Skype and are paid for in advance.

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How many sessions?

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How many sessions?

I had to let you know how things have been since our Head Trash session yesterday.

Firstly I felt instantly calm and in control and confident as soon as the session finished and I kept this with me all evening.
When I woke up this morning, rather than feeling the usual slightly depressed and overwhelmed I actually felt happy and raring to get on with the day,I have had a great day today, confident, got loads done, and totally believe that anything I want to do, I can!

Thank you so much, you are some kind of genius!




What a powerful transformative experience…Wow! It’s pretty intense and I still feel kinda weird in the head – it’s like the white noise and internal chatter has been subdued!