Pregnancy Coaching & Birth Preparation

Great news! You’re pregnant. How fabulous… congratulations!

You’re thrilled. But you’re a bit nervous too. You’re mainly excited, but on some level, you’re a tiny bit terrified. In fact, your emotions are a bit all over the place. Sound familiar?

I’m not surprised! Pregnancy is a time of huge change; your body is about to undergo a mammoth transformation, but so is your life as you prepare to be the mother of a new little human. It’s understandably exciting, but can also be a tad stressful. In fact, the emotional side of things can be a bit of a roller-coaster, especially when your hormones get going as they will magnify any negative emotion that’s lurking about.

And let’s face it, it’s easy to see why you might get stressed…

  • Your body’s doing weird things and changing all the time
  • Any minute now, people will start to treat you differently
  • You’re wondering how your work is going to pan out
  • You’re thinking about re-arranging your life to make room for your little poppet
  • Any money worries you might have will get MAGNIFIED
  • You’re wondering how your relationship might to change
  • You might experience pregnancy symptoms that require closer attention
  • And let’s not forget the impending birth.

Phew! Deep breath!

And if, like me, you’ve read about how maternal stress affects baby, then you’ll know that this is additional stress you just don’t need. In fact, you’d rather be as stress-free as possible, so that you can focus all your energy on creating a healthy, happy bundle of gorgeousness.

Did you know that the emotions you experience during pregnancy impact your baby?

It is well researched that your emotional ups and downs don’t go un-noticed. The emotions that you experience are creating the marinade that your baby will be bathing in until its arrival and will set their emotional blueprint. Your pregnancy is the perfect time to deal with your emotional baggage so that your baby doesn’t end up carrying it too.

Birth preparation

Childbirth and labour can be hard work, and for some just the very thought of it triggers pangs of terror and stress. But, as with many physically demanding challenges (marathon anyone?), the secret to success is in the mental and emotional preparation. By taking the time to prepare for your labour and birth in advance, you can MASSIVELY improve your chances of a positive fear-free birthing experience.

How would you like to….

  • Learn how to clear your pregnancy stresses & fears yourself … so that you can de-stress whenever and wherever you want
  • Build your emotional resilience … to give you the strength you need for motherhood and beyond
  • Learn how to tune into and respond to your body … so that you better cope with pregnancy and labour
  • A calmer and more confident attitude to your childbirth … so that you can look forward to it free of fear

This is how I’d like to help you …

My ultimate aim is to help you to have a stress-free pregnancy and positive, fear-free birth. During our time together, I can help you to

  • Identify and clear your pregnancy stresses & fears
  • Prepare for birth by helping you to identify the kind of birth you want
  • Identify and clear your labour and child birth fears
  • Clear any pregnancy or miscarriage traumas
  • Learn how to clear your fears if and when they arise during labour
  • Clear baby’s fears of birthing, that might delay their arrival
  • Connect and communicate with your body and baby
  • Reduce the impact of any pregnancy symptoms that may arise

All this means that you can approach your birth from a happy, calm and confident state which will contrinute to it being a hugely positive experience for you. Being stress-free in your final weeks is crucial if you don’t want to delay the onset of labour. A calm mind will also help you to remain clear in your thinking so that you can think through any decisions you need to make from a place of calmness and not fear.

A birth is a rare and magical time in your life and I want to help you to have the most amazing experience that will live with you forever.

So , if you’re ready to hear comments like

“You look so chilled!… You’re glowing!… Wow, you look amazing!… you’re carrying it so well!”

… book a session today.

And don’t forget Dads – they can have birth preparation sessions too!

Book a session

Pregnancy Coaching & Birth Preparation sessions last an hour and are carried out over Skype or Facetime.

1 session     $150 (approx £95)

3 sessions    $430 (approx £275)

6 sessions    $780 (approx £495)

How many sessions?

Book a session

Pregnancy Coaching & Birth Preparation sessions last an hour and are carried out over Skype or Facetime.

1 session     $150

3 sessions    $430

6 sessions    $780

How many sessions?