Self-Sabotage Clearance Sessions

How many times have you set goals for yourself and found that they continually elude you? Things tend to get in the way or perhaps you keep repeating similar patterns that mean you never quite reach them… and you just don’t know why!

How would you like to understand what these invisible forces are and banish them? Often, the thing that stands between us and our goal is us; we self-sabotage! We might knowingly self-sabotage, but mostly we do it without realising. This is because it’s happening at quite a deep level within us and is driven by deeper fears and emotions that haven’t surfaced. These sub-conscious sources of self-sabotage can be very powerful if we let them.

Clear the self-sabotage that stand between you and your desired goal

It can be difficult to deal with something that we aren’t really conscious of, so it just carries on. Perhaps we keep repeating the same pattern – even though we know it’s not helpful – or maybe, we distract ourselves with activities that we believe are important, but that deep down we know are just a distraction. In continuing to operate in this way, our goals always seem to stay out of reach. Is this what you want for yourself?

Would you like to stop self-sabotaging?

Would you like to neutralise the forces of your sub-conscious self-sabotage so that you can have a clear run at your goals?

This would enable you to focus on taking all the neccessary action in moving nearer to your goals while knowing that there are no hidden forces messing with you. Being free of self-sabotage can give you a laser focus that might even astonish you in terms of what you’re able to achieve.

The benefit of working to eliminate sources of self-sabotage are that you can uncover the reasons WHY you might be self-sabotaging, which can be very insightful. Perhaps at a fundamental level this goal is in conflict with your values and so you were never going to achieve it. One lady discovered this during a session; she had spent thousands of pounds over a number of years on training for a new career, only to realise that she didn’t want this new thing as a career; she only wanted it as a hobby. If she had uncovered that sooner, she could have saved herself a lot of money.

Do you have an important goal that you just can’t afford to miss?

Perhaps you’re someone who likes to achieve and you’re usually pretty good at it. You admit that you might self-sabotage a bit, but generally you’re pretty self-aware and keep yourself releatively on track. But, right now, you have a goal that you just can’t afford to drift on. If this is you, then

These sessions work really well for both life and work or business goals, but they also work well for helping you to gain clarity on something. In this case the goal being: “I want to be clear on XXX”

I worked with a business worman who needed clarity on an aspect of her marketing. Not having this clarity was preventing her from moving forward because she wasn’t clear on the external support she would need to help her. We worked on her goal to have clarity on her marketing message. At the end of the  session, she had the clarity she needed to move forward; she told me that she had been wrestling with this for a couple of years and had spent quite of bit of money trying to sort it out, but had failed. I later received a text saying “You’ve nailed it Alexia!”

Do you have health goals?

Another lesser obvious goal that these sesssions can help with are physical or health challenges; what is your body stopping you from achieving right now? Perhaps your body is protecting you from achieveing something which you fear on a deep level. If you fear success, and every time you get close to your goal you get ill, this moight be what’s going on. This is particularly worth exploring if the doctors are puzzled by your health situation or the prescription drugs just don’t have a lasting effect; your body is trying to tell you something. Perhaps listening is worth trying.

Self-Sabotage Clearance Sessions

These clearance sessions are usually around 2 hours, but I don’t clock watch; we work until all your sources of self-sabotage are cleared. This means they could go on longer or they could be much shorter. It all depends on how much self-sabotage you have.

The session is then followed up by a quick laser call a few days later to check whether anything new has surfaced that needs to be cleared.

All sessions are carried out via Skype or FaceTime.


Working with Alexia is powerful. She has a knack for unpicking what the actual underlying issues are and picking up on things that you say, this takes a lot of skill and listening!

These sessions are ideal if you know that something is holding you or your business back. Sarah

Last year I found myself in the position of having to go from part to full-time work as a result of my husband unexpectedly being made redundant. Previously, I had made on average about £35k per year as a second income, but at this time I had to replace his 6-figure income to meet our obligations.

I took the time to sit and work out a strategy, and in implementing it, I realised I had hit a very old wall of fear of failure. I had a session with Alexia – ONE SESSION – and it was gone as if it had never been. A lifelong fear, one which had never been tested or shifted, was simply absent from then on in my mindset.

I went on to not only meet, but exceed my target, and I can trace that trajectory directly to the freeing work I did that night over Skype with Alexia.


My sessions with Alexia have been amazing and life-changing.

I needed self-confidence in running my business. I knew some of the things getting in the way, but I knew there was probably some stuff that was a bit deeper that I needed to solve.

Now I’m more confident and that was my main aim. I’m also willing to give things a try in my business that I wouldn’t have before and I am seeing the results. Louise