Head Trash Clearance Session FAQs

Will it work?

There’s only one way to find out! Read our testimonials to see what other people say about their head trash clearance experiences. Think of it this way. Why wait worrying whether it will work or not? When you do finally book and you experience the amazing feeling of head space, you’ll kick yourself for not taking action sooner. Seriously. Life’s too short!

How do I book?

You can book online via the Book a Session page, or you can call our UK office on 0845 539 0109. All sessions are paid for in advance and once your payment has cleared your session time will be booked in at a mutually convenient time.

I'm not in the UK, can I still book a session?

Of course! I work with people all over the world. Most sessions are carried out over Skype or Facetime, so the only limitation is finding a time that works for both of us.

What can head trash clearance sessions help me with?

The techniques we use in our head trash clearance sessions work really well at tackling things like anxiety, negative and limiting beliefs, value conflicts, negative internal chatter and dialogue, self sabotaging behaviours, stress, depression, fears, phobias and all emotional upsets. To get a clearer idea, you might want to listen to our podcast or read some of our blog posts.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on the person and the things they have going in their life. However, for someone to achieve a clearer mind (reduced inner voice chatter, less affected by negative emotions, reduced internal conflict), a series of four or five sessions is recommended. If you are experiencing severe long-term stress or anxiety, then it’s likely that a few sessions more would be required.

Imagine you’ve broken a nail. Your immediate response is annoyance as it keeps catching everywhere – you want to deal with it and trim it. When finally you get round to dealing with it, you realise that now all your other nails need trimming too. Then you notice your other hand needs doing. Same thing. Dealing with one issue is fine, but in doing so it may uncover other issues that weren’t so apparent before. So in order to do a thorough job, a number of sessions is recommended.

However, if you have something very specific in mind that you want to work on, it’s possible for the issue to be resolved in just one session.

If you’re not sure, then simply get in touch to find out.

Where do the sessions happen?

Sessions can be done over the phone, via Skype or face to face. The most important thing is for you to be somewhere comfortable and private, and that’s often at home. However, if you want to have a face to face session then that is no problem, but the session cost does not include travel or room hire; these would need to be added on top. To avoid travel costs, then you are able to have face-to-face sessions in Nottingham, UK.

What if I want a face-to-face session?

If you want to have a face to face session, I offer these from my clearance space in Nottingham (UK). I’m more than happy to come to you, but additional costs would be incurred (travel costs, travel time and room hire).

How long does it take to notice a difference?

You will most likely notice a difference almost immediately, if not by the next day. Some people, who come to a session to deal with anger or stress, find that they no longer have those feelings of anger and stress by the end of the session. If it is the first of a series of sessions, a you might find that once you’ve cleared something fairly significant, that something else pops up. The reason that you had not noticed it before is that it was hiding behind the BIG THING, and now that’s been cleared, this other thing is now more apparent. So, while you would notice the clearing of anything that was the subject of the session, smaller issues may arise that would be dealt with in subsequent sessions.

Are there any magical side effects?


Many people tell us about things that start changing or happening in their life that they can’t explain but that are related to the work we’ve done in our sessions. For example, if we’ve been working on communication challenges with certgain family members, then they might suddenly receive a call or a gift completely unprompted. Or, if we’ve been working on money issues, then they might suddenly receive offers of work, or access to money in unexected ways.

This is completely unpredictable, but happens A LOT!