More praise for our sessions

I felt very safe doing a Head Trash Clearance by Skype with Alexia and found her extremely professional. The issue I needed to work on was about limited beliefs around money i.e. my ability to earn it, manage it or receive it in some measure of abundance in any way. After the session I went into a kind of neutral space where I didn’t feel anything about it all and this was followed a few days later by the realisation that I had no longer felt any intensity of emotion around the subject. For the first time in my life I had a sense of what it must be like to feel ‘normal’ about money and this had the effect of making me feel greatly relieved.

Interestingly, a few days later I had an unexpected communication telling me that a distant aunt had left me £3000 in her will. This was totally unexpected. And about 10 days after that, I had a tax rebate!!! There’ve been no more windfalls since, but even though I’m going through a rather bare patch regarding work (I’m self-employed), I’m not waking up in the middle of the night any more wondering whether I’m going to survive. Amazingly, it no longer feels as though it might be the remotest option!!!

So thanks very much Alexia. I’m extremely grateful to the Head Trash Technique – and your skills!

Sally Topham


I just had to call you…so many bonkers things have happened since our session! And, my body shape has changed! I take up more space and am standing taller!


Design Agency Owner

Positive, inspiring and empowering. That is how I found the RR experience with Alexia. At times, sitting in the position with your hand strategically placed over your face felt strange, but I stayed with the moment and the words seemed more potent. Following the session, my awareness had increased and I found myself more self-nurturing and accepting of myself.


Trainee Counsellor

Having tried NLP before, I’d developed more confidence and energy for making some important decisions in my life. But there was a very deep personal emotional pain that was holding me back from being truly happy with where I was right now. I had the drive and ambition, but I still felt a persistent residue of something that was blocking me from fully enjoying life. I tried RR expecting to have a similar experience to NLP. But what I found was that the two were totally different. In simple terms NLP is for the head and RR for the heart. NLP provides clarity of thinking and helped me make decisions. RR provides emotional clearing; it takes the intense charge out of a situation and puts you in control of what you feel, not just what you think or how you act. This means that the decisions you make not only logically make sense, but you FEEL good about them. Being happy and in control of your own destiny is priceless.

After my first session with Alexia I noticed a major shift, it’s like a old stinky armchair being taken out of a familiar room. The room is still the same room but the chair is gone. I found it quite strange at first, emotionally I still expected to walk into the room and find it there. Other therapies seem to focus on analysing, understanding or ‘re-framing’ how the ‘stinky chair’ got there in the first place, but that doesn’t help you move on. RR simply gets rid of it, Alexia calls it ‘head-trash’ I can’t think of a better phrase. Other people really noticed a difference in me, I came across more grounded and ‘chilled’ but still had bags of energy, probably more than I had before. Kick out that trash and reclaim the sense of space and calm. I know I have.

Powerful stuff! Kuldeep

Wanting to resolve slight blockages I placed upon myself I decided to ask Alexia to give me an RR treatment. I had no expectation and was amazed at the process. The first impression was of just how light and happy the process was. Belying its lightness of touch, I found the experience very powerful. I found myself exploring thoughts and concepts that had never presented before. Following the session and observing the way I am, I noticed some quite profound and positive changes. My thoughts are more clear generally but also relating to the issues that I was looking to resolve. I feel ‘more in my strength’, more ‘solid’ more rooted. I have even noticed changes in the way I carry myself. The session has both improved my sense of self and the way that I present my truth to the world. Trust is more anchored in every aspect of what I do. I am more effective than before.

This is an amazing treatment method and extremely powerful. Thank you Alexia.


Creative Director

I have been running my design agency for many years but over the last year a number of changes unfolded that I needed support with. I was lost and wasn’t sure which direction I was going both personally and from a business view point. I have worked with business coaches in the past that were useful but didn’t always address the issues of being the owner of a small business and how much comes with that.

I was recommended to work with Alexia and was particularly interested in working with what she calls head trash. I wasn’t 100% sure what it meant or would involve but what it has done for me has been amazing. It has freed up my thinking to allow greater clarity for myself and the business.

Another important point for me was her background in marketing it meant that she would understand my business and she did. Knowing you have issues with your business is easy to realise, knowing how to tackle them never is. Working with Alexia really help me to reduce the internal noise and reach a place where I could make confident decisions that would move my business forward.

What I really appreciate about our sessions is that one minute she’s helping me think through business challenges and then next we’re clearing up head trash.


Design Agency Owner