I’ll admit it. I’m an addict!

Yes! I’m addicted to Reflective Repatterning! OK, so now you’re thinking I’m a bit doolalley! Well, I’m OK with that.

Since learning Reflective Repatterning few years back, a week hasn’t gone by when I haven’t used it or benefitted from using it. And, if anything, I’d say that my use of it recently has increased.

Beyond the founder of the technique, I can confidently say that I’m probably the most experienced practitioner and user of RR in the world. That might sound a bit outlandish, but the reason that I can say that with confidence is that not only was I one of the select few who was on the very first training course, but I then joined forces with the founder, Chris Milbank, to train others. So, over the years, I have experienced RR from every possible angle and to be honest, it’s now firmly part of the fabric of my being. A week doesn’t go by when I don’t use it.

So, why am I sharing all this with you? Well, why not?

Whether you want to call it a tool or a technique, I don’t really care, but basically I truly believe that if more people had RR in their lives the world would be a better place. And the reason I say that is because THEIR worlds would be better places. If our own little microcosm of a world is looking bright, it doesn’t take long for that to spread like a beautiful ripple to the people all around you. And before you know, the world has changed!

So allow me for one minute to indulge in my love of RR. For a start, RR is so utterly powerful and magical. In fact, it’s so damn effective that you can very easily forget how bad things were when you were in your bad place. Now, your bad place might be a relatively short-term thing and last a few hours or days as you go through a sticky patch or it might last longer, and while you’re in it, things can seem pretty bleak. But once you’ve cleared the emotional causes of that negativity with Reflective Repatterning, you’ll find it hard to work out WHY you were feeling so bad.

When I think back to the year I came across RR, I was in a pretty bad place and it wouldn’t take much to knock me off my perch. But today, when I stop and think about the kind of things that used to knock me sideways, I realise that those types of things are still occurring in my life today, but now they don’t affect me as much. Things that used to floor me and send me to bed in a curled up ball, now barely cause a glitch on my radar. Today, when stuff hits the fan, I’m able to stay calm to think things through. My ability to retain focus and clarity means that I’m better equipped in my head to be able to cope and find a way through whatever challenge has just come my way. I really do feel like anything is possible.

But better than that, I feel well and truly connected to my inner being and therefore my sense of purpose. You can call it soul, spirit, essence, godliness… whatever word you like, but I’m sure you know what I mean. And this means that now when I am faced with decisions I’m able to truly connect to the decision that is best for my higher being or the greater good (soul, spirit, universe, god etc). Again… insert or delete whatever words work for you.

I am often asked to share stories of my RR experiences and how it’s impacted my life and I will begin to do that via this blog. I know they’re my stories, but they’re real. And, I see versions of them repeated time and time again in the work I do with my clients and with the attendees of our events and trainings, so I know that they’re not one-off.

Hopefully, once of my stories will inspire you to want to try it. Even those of you who might be skeptical! You might not believe in energy and all that healing stuff that people talk about, but I bet that you have a heap of sh*t in your life right now that you’d like to get rid of. Well, this is what can get rid of it. So why not give it a go! Go to our homepage and download my free guide and try it!

Right, I think that’s enough so I’ll stop now.