Do you have unresolved fears and traumas that you’d like to let go of?

Are you easily triggered by other peoples’ behaviour?

Do you struggle with feelings of helplessness and frustration?

Have you ever wondered how long you’ll be able to carry on doing this work?

When we work as change-workers we are challenged by the issues and problems of our clients and their issues can easily trigger our own unresolved stuff. Yes, our work is wonderfully rewarding because we help others. But do the failures get you down? Does stress and anxiety plague you?

To be an effective change-worker we need to be fully present and in the best space possible. We have to soak up a lot of punches so we need something fast and effective to heal ourselves, to clear the niggles and the big stuff. But if we don’t look after ourselves, eventually we will run out of “us” to give.

You spend so much of your energy looking after others, who’s looking after you?

Who’s helping YOU to recover and get back to you?

Isn’t it time you spent a weekend nurturing and looking after yourself?

How about healing the stuff that you just haven’t been able to reach before?

On our Self-care Weekend, you will have experienced therapists on hand to guide you through using a new life changing tool that can help to let go of all those things that are getting in the way of you doing your best work. You will also find out why your issues keep resurfacing and fix them for good

We will provide relaxed, non-judgmental support to help you clear multiple issues and you will learn the hottest new thing that you can use for fixing your self and your clients. In the process you will experiene a whole new way of working on yourself and on others.

Isn’t it time that you let go of the head trash that is holding you back?

Avoid burnout

Process & clear your own issues

Better serve yourself & others

The Head Trash Clearance Method is a unique therapeutic approach that works beautifully to restore your inner balance and calmness. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to clear fears, traumas and anxieties, stress, stored emotions, anger etc. quickly and easily. Being empowered to better handle your own issues, helps you to better serve the people you work with and rediscover your love for the work you do.

Get a glimpse of what this therapy can do for you and understand its potential to transform others, if you are a change-worker, therapist, healer or interested in helping others heal and quickly change then this amazing tool will be the first to come out of your toolbox when healing is required.

Firstly learn to use this tool to heal your own stuff, understand its depth and power to bring instant lasting change. You can train further to practitioner level as and when you are ready, giving you and your clients the best chance of healing, of overcoming trauma or the stuff that just won’t shift.

Self-care weekend for change-workers

On our self-care weekend, you will be supported in a safe space to explore your unresolved traumas and to let them go. Over the course of two days, you will learn the powerful Head Trash Clearance Method that can help you to clear fears, stresses, traumas and anxieties. The self-care weekend includes plenty of clearance time for you to practice the technique and to become confident using it. This means that you experience a deep level of clearance, as well as leaving feeling confident in being able to use it to address any future issues that will arise.

This is what we will do together

  • Explore any unresolved traumas you may have and that may be affecting your work
  • Learn how to identify any underlying factors that are affecting your emotional state when you work
  • Identify any trigger behaviours or situations that you would like to be free of
  • Undertake emotional clearance work individually and as a group if there are common issues
  • Build your confidence in the clearance technique so that you can clear whenever and where ever you might need to
  • Help you to understand the underlying principles of the clearance technique so that you can get the best results

Self-care weekend for Change-workers £450

This includes;
  • Self-care weekend preparation work
  • Nutritious wholesome lunch during the weekend
  • Course materials
  • Online resources
  • Community support


Midlands – January 28th & 29th 2017

This course is life-changing and will benefit anyone, whether a professional, a partner, a parent or for ourselves. It can dramatically help our growth.

Heidi Thaden-Pierce

Doula, Better Birth Services

What you’l learn on this course is vastly creative, has extraordinary potential and unlimited applications even for the busy medical, psychological or family person.

Julie-Anne Mullan

Pregnancy & Birth Therapist, Way To Go Birthing

As someone who has been seeking freedom from my baggage for over 25 years this is without doubt the jewel in the crown. Sometimes you are given an opportunity that is the key to a future of freedom, choice and flexibility. If this opportunity comes your way you HAVE to grasp it with both hands and give thanks that you are the chosen one.

Michele Walsh

Success Coach, Ms.MoneyMaker