As much as you’d like to leave your personal life at home when you go to work, it’s just not that easy. Or sustainable. Sure you could probably get away with compartmentalising for a bit, but it wouldn’t be long before your personal troubles make an appearance in some form in your working life.

This might be OK if you have a job and someone pays you to be there, whether or not you’re on form. But if it’s your business, then you can’t really allow this to carry on without admitting that at some point your ability to maintain or grow your business will hit a wall.

It’s important that we accept that we are a whole person with each of our facets affecting the others. Our mind affects our body affects our spirit, and vice versa. Our work affects, our realtionships, affects our health and vice versa. We are an eco-system that needs to be in balance in order for it to work optimally, and this is why we cannot ignore our personal troubles and worries. If we leave them to fester, they will begin to affect our work, our health and our relationships. And if you have a business, then your livelihood.

I was interviewed about how our head trash can affect our business by Emily Chase Smith on her podcast The Entrepreneur’s Money Podcast. Emily strives to create ¬†financially savvy entrepreneurs because “money only counts if you keep it!”.

Here’s the podcast… enjoy!