Calm your mind in 10 days


This simple to follow 10-day programme will help you to achieve more calmness in your life. I’ve hand-picked the head trash cleraance audio sessions that I KNOW will give you the greatest impact. By combining the audio sessions with some mind expanding exercises, you will be well on your way to experiencing more calmness in your life.



This simple to follow 10-day programme will help you to achieve more calmness in your life. After running head trash clearance training courses and workshops over the years, I’ve seen the things that provide the greatest impact and I’ve pulled them all together into one neat little package. By following the program you can achieve a remarkable shift in your mindset and reduce the mental chatter in your head. And it’s so easy too! At the very least you just have to listen to my MP3 audio sessions… but if you put in the extra effort, then the results you get will be even MORE magical!

Here’s what you get…

10 x mp3 Audio Sessions

The programme consists of 10 head trash clearance MP3 sessions. These short head trash clearance audio sessions are for you listen to each day in turn.

Mind Matters Video

To help you to prepare for the audio sessions, I also provide an introductory video on head trash mind matters to help you better understand what your head trash is, where it comes from and where you need to start when it comes to clearing it.

The Calm in 10 Guide Book

The Calm in 10 Guide Book includes mind-expanding exercises to accompany each audio session. These exercises help to expand your thinking and make the audio sessions more effective and long lasting.

Head Trash De-Tangling Guide

The Head Trash Detangling Guide will help you to start unpicking what’s going on in your head, which can help you identify what you need to be working on to reclaim some of your head space.


But that’s not all! Since designing this programme I added some extras to make it even better. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to stick with your plans for head trash clearance, so I’ve thrown in these extras…

Head Trash Clearance Journal

My Head Trash Clearance Journal will help you to keep track with using the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Method and document your head trash clearance journey. A handy little tool indeed!

BONUS MP3 Session

I couldn’t bear to the idea of leaving this audio session at the door. It’s such an important session that I just had to add it back. So, you actually get 11 audio sessions, and not 10!


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