Catapult your Confidence


Would you like to boost your self-confidence in a weekend? Then our Catapult your Confidence programme is just for you! The combination of audio treatments and workbooks mean that you get a unique programme built around your needs that’s the closest you’ll get to a one-to-one session.


This confidence building programme combines audio sessions with guided self exploratory work to offer you a unique confidence building programme just for you.

 Here’s what’s included….

Confidence Test

Whenever you start a journey, it’s always nice to put a flag in the sand, that way when you look back, you and see how far you’ve come. It’s a nice feel-good thing too! Well, that’s what this test is. It’s to help you to see in black and white just how confident, or not, you are. In developing this confidence test I’ve taken the time to help you to explore various aspects of confidence, because confidence is fairly complex and is made up of lots of things. I want you to do this test at the beginning and at the end of my programme because I want you to see how far you’ve come. So, at the beginning of the programme, you’ll get a number; your confidence score. And, when you’ve completed our programme, you’ll be able to compare your scores and see how your confidence has improved. What a great way of knowing whether something works! I’ve included this test because that’s how confident I am are in my audio sessions.

The confidence test is made up of 50 questions to help you to assess how confident you feel.

Confidence Building Audio Sessions

I want this confidence-building programme to be as easy as possible for you and so I’ve created a series of three confidence building audio sessions. These audio sessions have been designed and developed to clear any negative thinking and interference that is sapping your confidence.
These audio sessions use Reflective Repatterning, which means that they are super powerful, and effective. You will not believe how different you will feel after going through this programme! You will ooze confidence and be one step closer to revealing your true awesomeness!

Over the three sessions, I address things like

  • How confidence and being confident makes you feel
  • The blocks around having self belief and feeling great about ourselves
  • Feelings of not being good enough and being no good
  • Lack of self belief
  • Feeling shy and unsure
  • Feelings of low self esteem
  • Worrying about what other people think or say about you
  • Not doing things because of what other people might say
  • Self acceptance and being happy with who you are

Audio session 1 lasts 50 minutes
Audio session 2 lasts 40 minutes
Audio session 3 lasts 45 minutes

Confidence Building Workbook

It’s important for me to deliver a programme that you’re able to flex to your uniqueness. The thing with confidence is that it’s terribly personal. So, while I’ve done my very best to incorporate the most common themes that I encounter when helping people build confidence, there are going to be certain aspects that are unique to you, and I want to ensure that these are addressed too.

So, I’ve designed this workbook to accompany the audio sessions so that you can flex the programme to suit your requirements. This means that this programme is the closest thing you’re going to get to some one-to-one sessions. Given that one session is $299, that makes this programme a total bargain! And, you finish the programme being totally equipped to deal with anything new that comes up for you that might knock your confidence off balance.

Head Trash Clearance Journal

As part of the Confidence Building Workbook, you’ll probably identify unique aspects within you that are sapping your confidence. And when you do, you’ll need to clear them. So, that’s what this Journal is to help you with. This is where you keep track of ALL your head trash – confidence sapping or otherwise. This journal also includes a useful worksheet to help you as you work through clearing your head trash on your own. This is to make sure that you do it right.
Building your confidence is an exciting journey and one that is worth documenting, so that’s why I’ve included a journal. But this isn’t any kind of journal, it’s a journal that been especially designed to accompany the audio sessions.

So, I designed this journal to be kept close to you when you’re going through our audio sessions so that you can keep a log of your journey. The thing about clearing head trash is this: when you peel a layer back, sometimes another layer reveals itself. So, if this is the case for you, then I want you to make a note so that you can address it. But don’t worry, I provide you with everything you need to clear any negative stuff that comes up for you.

This journal is a great addition to the audio sessions because it means that you really will get a change programme that is unique to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy it RIGHT NOW!



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