Calm your mind in 10 days

Calm in 10 is our easy to follow 10-day audio programme for you to achieve more calmness in your life.

Would you like more calmness and clarity in your head and your life?

Brilliant! Then you’re in the right place!

Now, my guess is that you probably fall into one of the following groups of people who want to reduce the clutter and reclaim some head space…

  • You’re easily stressed by other people and situations in your life… in fact you find it hard to get through the day without someONE or someTHING driving you nuts or stressing you out
  • You often replay conversations in your head imagining all the OTHER things you should’ve said but didn’t
  • You find it hard to let go and move on, even from the most tiniest of things
  • You’re constantly having debates and arguments with yourself and it just feels like you’re being torn in 2 or that you’re running round in circles
  • You feel trapped in this never-ending cycle and just want to feel free from it

Regardless of which of these resonate with you the most, you’re definitely in the right place… especially if YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH and YOU WANT TO SORT IT OUT

So, if you’re still reading, I’ve got a feeling that these might also resonate with you…

  • You want all this head trash to go away but it all feels a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start
  • You’re happy to get stuck in and do it yourself, but you want to have a sense of what’s involved so that you can get your head around it
  • You’d like to get going but want to feel more confident that you’re doing it right.

But wait.. you’re probably thinking “yeah sure Lex, I want to clear my head trash.. but is that really something that I can do?

How do I unpick what’s going on in my head trash so that I know what needs to be cleared?

How can I identify what my stuff is and how it’s really affecting me?

How can stop all this head trash piling in, in the first place?

How do I know where I should start so that I can make the biggest difference quickly?

How will I know that I’m doing it properly?

 Well, you can let the worrying stop … I’ve come up with something JUST FOR YOU!

But hang on a minute… Who is this Lex? … And, how come she knows so much about calming the mind?

Well, here’s a super duper quick version of why I think I’m in a good place to be able to help you.

A while ago… I was FULL OF HEAD TRASH…. I could come up with any number of reasons as to WHY I had it, but it didn’t change the fact that I was DEEPLY UNHAPPY, STUCK and drifting in a and out of depression. It was around this time that I discovered a new technique for making changes in the mind, Reflective Repatterning. I was lucky to be one of the first people who trained in it so I’ve been using it as long as anyone. And of course, training in it, meant doing a ton of it on myself, and others. I cannot tell you how much I got addicted to using this technique once I got going… here are just some of the things I experienced as a result of using Reflective Repatterning regularly;

  • My sleep improved; I fell asleep quicker and my racing mind calmed down
  • I went from being quite a stressy soul to being much calmer in demeanour
  • My confidence improved
  • I spent less on stuff that I didn’t really need and cut back on those shopping trips I used to do to make me “feel better”
  • My health improved; my eczema reduced dramatically and I was less affected by illnesses that would affect those around me
  • I eliminated a load fears that were stopping me from getting on with life
  • I meditated more easily
  • My thinking became clearer, more focussed and less muddled with emotion
  • People and situations that used to cause me stress, no longer did
  • I stopped getting sucked into other people’s emotional dramas
  • I opted for a home birth instead of a drug laden hospital one.. once I realised that I only wanted the drugs because of my fears of childbirth
  • I was more emotionally resilient and coped with stressful situations better
  • My intuition sharpened and I was more in tune with what my body needed and wanted (or didn’t!)
  • And randomly, my artistic creativity improved; I guess I cared less about what I was drawing and drew straight from the heart – no mental interference!

Now, as luck would have it, the creator of Reflective Repatterning invited me to help him to run his training workshops. This meant that I got to see even more people go through their head trash clearance journey. Working closely with people like that meant that I could start seeing a pattern emerging. I could see that if you worked on certain things in a certain order, you would get big impact quickly. What do I mean by BIG IMPACT? Well… a newfound calmness and clarity that enables you to continue your head trash clearance journey from a place of strength, rather than overwhelm.  It’s not the end of the journey by any means, but it’s much calmer and feels much less cluttered in your mind, and therefore much more achievable. Once you’re in this place you’re much better able to make healthy decisions for yourself as you become more in tune with your needs. This makes it easier to maintain healthy habits.

But, another thing struck me: I realised that you didn’t have to train in this technique to use it and get results. I figured out that that if I simplified it a bit, anyone could use it and enjoy its benefits.

So that’s what I did. First of all I came up with a simple, easy to remember, version of Reflective Repatterning, which is our 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Method. And then, based on seeing what was working time and time again with others, I came up a with a simple process for people to follow that would enable them to get great results quickly.

And that’s what this program is.


In this program, I’ve pulled together the bare essentials that you need to know that you can start experiencing a bit more calmness in your head, and less mental clutter and annoyance from the outside world.

But, let me get this straight… THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF…

  • You’re expecting a miracle cure to anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions. Always seek out the advice of your mental health care practitioner first
  • You’re not willing to do the work… your head trash isn’t going to go away on its own… you have to want to do this and make the effort
  • You’re expecting a full transformation… this programme is to help you get off the starting blocks and set yourself confidently on a path to head trash clearance joy

Here’s what you will learn

  • What head trash is so that you can more easily recognise it in yourself, and therefore get rid of it
  • Where head trash comes from
  • What the Head Trash Cycle is and why it’s useful to know to keep your head trash at bay
  • How our 5 step Head Trash Clearance Method sounds when it’s done right.. this is to help you learn how to do it right for yourself
  • Where you need to start looking to find the biggest causes of your own head trash
  • How to identify your own personal stress triggers.. and then how to eliminate them.
    What clearing head trash feels like

This programme will also give you a kick start when it comes to creating a bit of head space for yourself… by helping you to take the first steps you’ll find it much easier to continue on your own.

Here’s what you will receive

It’s a simple to follow 10-day programme to help you to achieve more calmness in your life.

Here’s what you get…


10 x mp3 Audio Sessions

The programme consists of 10 head trash clearance MP3 sessions. These short head trash clearance audio sessions are for you listen to each day in turn.

Mind Matters Video

To help you to prepare for the audio sessions, I also an introductory video on head trash mind matters to help you better understand what your head trash is, where it comes from and where you need to start when it comes to clearing it.

The Calm in 10 Guide Book

The Calm in 10 Guide Book includes mind-expanding exercises to accompany each audio session. These exercises help to expand your thinking and make the audio sessions more effective and long lasting.


Head Trash De-Tangling Guide

The Head Trash Detangling Guide will help you to start unpicking what’s going on in your head, which can help you identify what you need to be working on to reclaim some of your head space.


But that’s not all! Since designing this programme I added some extras to make it even better. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to stick with your plans for head trash clearance, so I’ve thrown in these extras…

Head Trash Clearance Journal

My Head Trash Clearance Journal will help you to keep track with using the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Method and document your head trash clearance journey. A handy little tool indeed!


EXTRA Session

I couldn’t bear to the idea of leaving this audio session at the door. It’s such an important session that I just had to add it back. So, you actually get 11 audio sessions, and not 10!

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