Catapult your Confidence

confidence building

  • How would you like to have more self-confidence?
  • Do you know how many opportunities you’ve missed because of your low self-confidence?
  • Are you worried that low self esteem is why you’re not more successful?
  • Do you get nervous easily in new situations?
  • Do you worry what other people think, and then NOT do things because of it?

Low self esteem and low self-confidence can be such a huge barrier to success for so many people, and it needn’t be. Once the confident switch has been flicked on, the transformation in people’s lives can be quite magical – I’ve seen it with all the people I’ve worked with. So it was with this in mind that I decided to come up with something that you can use at home to achieve some confidence building magic in your life. And this is it, the ultimate confidence building programme; Catapult your Confidence.

Now, I know that there are lots of confidence building techniques out there to help you to develop self-confidence, but that’s not what this programme is all about. I do things differently. I know that when people suffer from low self-confidence, they do so because of lots of conflicting and messy thoughts that bubble up from their subconscious. Now, these thoughts will often influence day-to-day behaviours, but the problem is that they’re a bit tricky to pin down, let alone figure out what they are. So, what we won’t be doing is trying to help you to persuade yourself consciously using positive thinking, and other confidence building techniques, that you are a confident person. Instead, we’ll help you to get rid of all those murky negative thoughts that result in you feeling and believing that you lack self-esteem or have no self-confidence. By getting rid of all that negative interference, the confident you will be able to step forward and shine brightly in all your brilliance.

Are you up for it?


Here’s a flavour of what you’ll receive

Confidence Test

I’ve included this confidence test as I think it’s a great little measuring tool to help you see how far you’ve come. By simply doing the test before and after the confidence programme, you can tell how much progress you’ve made.

The confidence test includes 50 questions to help you to assess how confident you feel.



Confidence is very personal so to help ensure that this programme flexes to your uniqueness, I’ve included a workbook to accompany the audio sessions. This means that this programme is the closest thing you’re going to get to some one-to-one sessions.


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Audio Sessions

This confidence-building programme includes three confidence building audio sessions to help you to clear any negative thinking that is sapping your confidence.

The sessions help to address things like any feelings of not being good enough, lack of self belief, feeling shy and unsure, worries about what other people think or say about you…. and MORE!


Head Trash Clearance Journal

My Head Trash Clearance Journal will help you to keep track with using the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Method and document your head trash clearance journey. A handy little tool indeed!