Keep Calm and Carry On

Life just happens, right? We can’t always predict what’s around the next corner and yet we still need to stay in a happy calm place so that we can best deal with what’s happening… in other words, we need to keep calm and carry on.

So that’s why I’ve developed this range of products. These audio sessions are designed for you to keep handy for times when life throws you curveballs or things get a bit too much.

Use these audio sesssions whenever you’re feeling too [insert emotion here]. It doesn’t mean that you won’t expereince these emotions again, it simply means that we’re clearing out the excess emotion so that you can keep calm and carry on.

I’ve just finished the MP3 session!

My thoughts were chaotic, jumbled up, messy and I struggled to get any clarity or peace of mind, I was unable to relax, my jaw was tight, my head felt literally like it was full with spinning thoughts. During the session I experienced more spinning with fast shallow breathing, a tingling in my arm, leg twitches and a warmth at the back of my neck.

After the session came a wonderful and beautiful stillness, when I opened my eyes colours seemed brighter, my jaw looser, I had some involuntary yawning like mouth opening not with tiredness but with an openess in my jaw I’ve not felt for quite a while.

Thank you!



I’ve literally just finished the MP3 session…

I can already feel a significant difference. Physically I’ve gone from having a really, really tight jaw/bite and constant butterflies in my stomach to feeling relaxed and not bothered by stress. The thoughts of having to do everything NOW have slowed down and are not coming at me at the same speed as they were before.

i concentrated on breathing into my mouth/jaw and I felt it relax within a few seconds of repeating the words. Even now, my jaw doesn’t ‘want’ to be clenched. i look forward to waking up tomorrow and not having an achy jaw, which I seem to have had for at least the last 10 days!!

Thank you, it’s a kinda magic!!