The Pregnancy Collection

The products in the Pregnancy Collection are designed to help with the emotional challenges of pregnancy and childburth.

These MP3 sessions have been developed to help you clear your pregnancy stresses and childbirth fears to enable you to be as stress-free and as fear-free as possible in preparation for your birth.

These audio sessions use the technique Reflective Repatterning to clear fears and stresses which is what makes them unique.

I lay in the garden and listened to the recording yesterday and I can honestly say it was amazing. I don’t know how it works but something works. My other half asked me how I was feeling last night about the birth and I said “OK”. He nearly fell over! I think because the recording forces you to envisage every possible worst case scenario (pain, loss of control and dignity) and you go over and over it again – you actually start to desensitise yourself to the fear and dreading. Does that make sense? By the end I was like “yeah I will probably crap myself or throw up but meh, whatever!”

Thank you, thank you. I have finally found some peace.



Pregnancy Coaching & Birth Prep

Woud you like some support to help you during your pregnancy journey so that you can look forward to a fear free childbirth?

I can work with mums, dads AND unborn baby to help you to clear the fears and lay the foundations for a positive birth experience.

Find out more about my Pregnancy Coaching & Birth Preparation Sessions here.

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