If you think this is a silly idea, first hear me out.

We have to-do lists for everything else in our lives and yet we neglect to have a plan for clearing up our own mind.

We have shopping lists, work project lists, household chores list, and yet the part of us that is the most important in ALL of this is US. If we’re stressed, depressed, overwhelmed or panicky, it doesn’t really matter that we know where we are with our household chores, because inside we’re a mess. If there’s total mayhem inside our heads, surely that is the place to start, not that pile of crap that’s built up near the back door. After all, we take our heads everywhere with us and it’s with us until the end. Shouldn’t that be the first place we start in terms of to-do lists?

But we don’t.

So why don’t we have a head trash clearance to do list?

I guess one of the reasons for this is that we’re not really sure how to tick things off such a list. What’s the point in creating a list that’s just going to get longer and longer, right?

Ahaa! Well, worry no more! We have the secret to clearing head trash (grab our free guide on our home page) and this means that not only can you HAVE a list, but also you can TICK THINGS OFF IT!  Hallelujah!

What does a head trash to-do list look like?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. I keep mine in the Notes app on my iPhone, but Evernote would work fine too. I’ll share you a snippet of mine so that you can see what I mean.

Receiving < I have trouble receiving. I always feel like I have to give something in return rather than just accept being given something.

Routine and predictability < I HATE routine and being predictable and will disrupt my day (that is going swimmingly well thank you very much) to avoid following a routine or being predictable. WHAT is THAT about!!! *wonders if that’s why I jacked my job in and set up a business*

Being spoken to like I’m stupid < When somebody is explaining something to me that I already know, I experience this as patronising and insulting, and it triggers a curt response in me. But sometimes people are just making sure that I understand something and they don’t know that I know it already – it’s not their fault!

When it comes to me working on my head trash and “ticking things off my list” I use the technique that I share in our free guide that you can get from our home page, so I won’t go into that here.

How often should you clear head trash?

Where you decide to prioritise this in your life is not for me to say, but I think this should be a daily habit. I strive for that and most weeks I manage it, but when I don’t it might drop to 3 times a week.

How long does it take?

To clear one thing usually takes me 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it takes longer because it’s a biggie and I have to break it down into more specific things. For example, using Receiving from my list above, I might make this more specific and work on receiving something and not giving anything in return as well.

When is a good time to clear head trash?

Clearing head trash doesn’t take long and is a great thing to do last thing at night before switching the light off in bed. Reasons why this works are

  • Clearing head trash can be tiring. If you’re clearing something that’s pretty big for you, then you’ll become tired as the body kicks into healing and repair mode. This is ideal for trying to get to sleep!
  • Lying down is a great position for clearing head trash as you get to rest your arms on your pillow while they’re in the Head Trash Clearance position (get our guide to find out what I’m on about)
  • One consistent effect of clearing head trash using our technique is that you feel calmer and lighter afterwards – again, ideal for sleep!

If I ever have a 20-minute slot appear in my day (waiting for the rice to cook or while my other half bathes the little one), then instead of switching the TV on or checking Facebook, then I’ll clear some head trash.

So, did I persuade you in the end? What do you think about having a to do list for your head trash?