We asked, you shared. In fact, you shared so much that we were able to compile 12 Gremlins of Christmas. What are we talking about? Well… for us the gremlins of Christmas are those things about Christmas that stress you out. You know, things like …. What’s going to keep you up at night in the days leading up to Santa’s visit?

Now we don’t like to take things like stress too seriously, so we’re taking aim at each one in turn* so that you can breeze through the festivities with a smile on your face.

*embarassing note: we lined up each of our gremlins to land in inboxes through the land in the lead up to Christmas, but they escaped early when they heard that the world was ending on the Friday before Christmas. So, I’m afraid, the last few are a bit half-arsed. To be frank, they weren’t as motivated to share once they weren’t being restrained. So, the first few feature links to our newsletter, while the last….   err…. don’t.

1st Gremlin of Christmas: The Panic of Presents Presents are a huge source of panic. And that’s before the stress of whether you can afford them all kicks in!

2nd Gremlin of Christmas: Feisty Families Families! We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them! Christmas and families don’t always mix it seems.

3rd Gremlin of Christmas: Money Madness Christmas is a time for spend, spend, spending! And that can be pretty scary for some. Especially those with too much money; they just can’t stop! But the rest of us have to deal with things like…

4th Gremlin of Christmas: Loss & Remembrance Christmas is an important time to remember those who are no longer with us.

5th Gremlin of Christmas: Office Party Oopsies The Christmas office party is either loved or loathed.

6th Gremlin of Christmas: Trapped Imagine being told that you are obliged to spend 4 days cooped up in a small space with people that drive you nuts while being force-fed heart-attack inducing food.

7th Gremlin of Christmas: Foodie Frights The best AND the worst part of Christmas all in one! Isn’t it bonkers that food causes so much stress over the festivities?

8th Gremlin of Christmas: Abysmal Arguments

These Christmas conversation crackers often seem to literally explode across the table; otherwise known as disputes, arguments and disagreements.

Did you know that January 8th is the busiest day of the year for divorce lawyers? Apparently up to one in five couples will enquire about divorce after being beaten by the Gremlins of Christmas. Having to spend time with people who’ve upset you, pissed you off, stressed you out, and hurt you isn’t easy. But lawyers are radical and extreme measures. It needs not come to this! Why not get help with your head trash first?


9th Gremlin of Christmas: Argh! I’ve no plans!

We love opposites here at head trash, so when someone suggested that trapped was a gremlin, we felt compelled to counter that with being free to do as you please with no one around to bother you. However, depending on your perspective, this can seem a bit scary. Not having plans can sometime lead to feelings of loneliness. If you have no plans this year and are facing a Christmas all alone, there is only one solution to this; volunteer at a soup kitchen. Your ideas of loneliness will suddenly shrink and you will have an overwhelming sense of warm fuzziness that will last well into January.

10th Gremlin of Christmas: Terrifying Travels

If you’re planning to travel this Christmas then you probably have any number of the following stresses running around your brain.

How am I going to carry all the presents for everyone on the train? How will we fit all the kids, luggage and presents in the car?! I bet I’m going to catch some horrid lurgy on the train/bus/plane. How am I going to get around ALL the family? Why am going to spend half of Christmas day driving?

And that’s before we even begin to stress about the weather! Notoriously dicey and known to cause angst, panic and even the odd seasonal havoc. All this sounds way too much for any normal person to deal with. Staying at home sounds like the best option!

Understand the stresses that give rise to the anxiety you feel from the above. Clear your head trash!

11th Gremlin of Christmas: The pressure of fun fun fun.

All these christmas parties and festivities make a clear assumption: YOU WILL HAVE FUN! The problem with this, is that we go into them with this huge expectation that fun will be had. Now, I’m not sure about you, but not many parties can withstand that kind of pressure. The killer comes on new years eve. We pay so much to take part (taxis, entrance fees, pricey restaurants etc) that we expect the fun level to be directly correlated. And in some cases it’s this alone that creates a bit of an anti-climax. I don’t mean to be bah-humbug about it all, but we all know that the best parties and fun happens spontaneously and a festive occasion that’s been talked about and prepared for, for the best part of a month has lost as much spontaneity as is humanly possible.

So to help with this, the best we can suggest is this. Don’t attach yourself to any expectations and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a bit Buddhist, but it works!

12th Gremlin of Christmas : I STILL haven’t done my shopping!

If this is you… SHAME on you! I know exactly how you feel!