Professional Training & Development

We currently offer the following professional training & development courses;

Reflective Repatterning Pracitioner Training

Our Reflective Repatterning Foundation course is the place to start if you want to be the creator of powerful change in the world. This 4-day couse is split in two parts as there are two distinct stages that benefit from some breathing space. This practitioner level training is ideal for therapists, coaches, energy workers, psychotherapists, counselllors and other change-workers.

Head Trash Coaching

Head Trash Coaching is a new coaching style that enables you to deliver more powerful results to your clients in a shorter amount of time. Designed for coaches, this course provides a solid foundation in this innovative new approach that promises to turbo-power your coaching.

Self-care Weekend for Change-workers

Our Self-care weekend is a unique opportunity for change-workers to spend focussed time looking after themselves. When helping others, it can be easy to forget ourselves which is why this weekend is so precious and important.

Alexia’s competence, ability and generosity of spirit is impressive.

I practice multiple energy methods specialising in traumatic birth, and had long considered my skillset to be complete. Alexia’s reported success in clearing anxiety in a hospital corridor intrigued me. Happily, this lead me to train with her in RR.

Alexia took our very mixed-background group on a lively and thorough introduction to a simple 5-step process. Alexia explained RR to suit our interests giving plenty of examples of RR in practice. This appealed greatly. The training was highly experiential with time for Q&A and deep discussion.

Alexia’s delivery style was relaxed; obviously founded on expertise and knowledge. As a lover of language I appreciated ample time being given to use of rhythm, metaphor, opposites, paradoxes and much more. Highly valuable supporting workbooks too.

I could feel changes happening in myself as well as in turn witnessing a softening, an objectivity, neutrality replace concerns and inner conflict, in the space of one short session!

Reflective Repatterining has vast potential as a life-changing self-help method. And, not just some day soon, but RRight now.

Julie-Ann Mullan

Pregnancy & Birth Therapist, Life Energetics