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What is Head Trash Clearance?

The Head Trash Clearance Method is an emotional clearance technique founded on universal laws and principles that restores emotional balance quickly and elegantly.

Its depth and effectiveness come from its ability to be used on all aspects of our emotional and mental make-up including our values, beliefs, sub-conscious protection mechanisms and emotional triggers. Its elegance comes from its remarkable ability to signal to the subconscious in a way that opens up a powerful two-way healing process to bring about rapid change.

Head Trash Clearance Method Training

We’ve all heard of the idea that if you want to change others, you need to start with yourself. Well this very idea is at the heart of our philosophy. Your ability to help other people will be limited if your own head is full of head trash and negative interference.

This is why we’ve designed our Head Trash Clearance Method training to allow you the opportunity to apply what you’re learning to yourself BEFORE you have to worry about applying it to others.

Once you’re well versed and experienced in recognising and clearing your own head trash, you’re in a much better place to help others to do the same.

This is why we’ve decided to split our Head Trash Clearance Method training in two;

  • Part 1 is all about you: if you have walked the path yourself, you’re much better able to show others the way.
  • Part 2 is all about others.; applying what you’ve learnt to help others.

There is a one month gap between part 1 and part 2, and we’ve done this because;

  • To give you a chance to solidify what you’ve learned and had a chance to practice
  • To allow you the time to experience, process and enjoy the shifts that will happen as part of the head trash clearance work before we crank things up a level.
  • To give you time to become confident in using the Head Trash Clearance Method at a basic level before we start introducing the more advanced aspects.

As a therapist who works predominantly with difficult, multiply traumatised clients, I soon realised that tapping therapies (TFT, Algo level, advanced level, VT level) helped but they did not resolve this complex stuff. They help people to cope, but stuff would recur and it was a constant battle to keep these clients in a calm place.

When I came across this it was in its infancy but its potential to improve me as a person and as a therapist revealed itself very quickly to me. When first using this tool, and even today, I am often brought to tears by the depth and speed of change that this tool can bring. It is the first tool in my box and usually the only tool I need.

Shaun Hopkins

Trauma Therapist

Our goal is to help you to become a beacon of awesomeness who is able to help yourself and others in powerful ways. This takes time, practice and work, and it cannot be rushed.

We want you to be as brilliant as possible at this because this clearance method is life changing and we want you to become a master at using it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Over the years in delivering our Head Trash Clearance Method training, one thing separates those who use it successfully and those who don’t and it’s this: how much work they do on themselves.

This is why we want to give you the space and time to use head trash clearance method on yourself.

This is what you’ll learn…

Part 1: Starting with YOU

During Part 1 of the Head Trash Clearance Method training, over a period of 2 days, you will…

  • Learn how to identify and un-pick your own head trash.
  • Understand the nature of head trash and where it all comes from so that you can more easily identify the things that stop you from being at your best.
  • Learn the basics of the Head Trash Clearance Method so that you can begin to master and clear your own head trash.
  • Be amazed at how quickly your thinking and feelings can change around something.
  • Understand the different ways that the Head Trash Clearance Method can be used to address various emotional challenges.
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate your own personal triggers that get you stressed, wound up or upset.
  • Be able to think more calmly and clearly about things that normally get you emotional, stressed, upset or irrational.
  • Understand how thinking in terms of opposites can explain WHY we experience the head trash that we do.
  • Discover the layers of head trash and how it’s possible to identify and heal the crux of an issue quickly.
  • Be able to get rid of your fears and phobias so that you can finally do the stuff you want or need to.
  • Build confidence in using the Head Trash Clearance Method through lots of practice and opportunities to ask questions.
Part 2: Working on OTHERS

During Part 2 of the Head Trash Clearance Method training, over a period of 2 days you will learn…

  • How the Law of Opposites can reveal a whole new way working with our clients and healing them to heal.
  • Why you don’t need to listen to your clients telling you their story to heal them.
  • How to elicit and unpick the issues that need work and the specific sequence they want to be treated in.
  • Why other therapies or modalities are forcing you to revisit issues or re-do past work with your clients, and how to put a stop to this.
  • How to understand and plan your clearance work with your clients.
  • Why other clearance methods and therapies are limited to only clearing up to 10% of an emotional issue, and why the Head Trash Clearance Method has the potential to clear all of it.
  • How to combine the Head Trash Clearance Method with other techniques or modalities such as NLP, TFT, EFT to turbo-power their effectiveness.
  • How you can gauge when a problem is healed, or if it needs further clearance work.
  • Powerful and quick belief-change protocols that can assist your clients in changing beliefs that are limiting them quickly and respectfully.
  • How to work with your clients to relieve traumas, fears and phobias quickly and elegantly.
  • How to dialogue with the body to help your clients resolve suppressed problems.
  • The mechanics of running a Head Trash Clearance Method session.

This Head Trash Clearance Method training (parts 1 and 2) is a great foundation if you are committed to helping others and you don’t need to have been trained in other techniques or modalities to study the Head Trash Clearance Method. In fact, many of our past students have chosen to build their practice solely around offering Head Trash Clearance Method sessions. We also have several who no longer use other therapies or methods they’re trained in once they’ve learned Head Trash Clearance Method because of the nature of the results they achieve with it.

However, if you are already trained in other therapies or modalities, then the Head Trash Clearance Method integrates beautifully and can add an extra level of effectiveness to create outstanding results with your clients. The Head Trash Clearance Method is the turbo-boost that improves the efficacy of other modalities such as NLP, TFT, EFT and coaching and is an essential tool for the change-maker’s box of tricks.

Praise for the course…

As someone who has been seeking freedom from my baggage for over 25 years this is without doubt the jewel in the crown. Sometimes you are given an opportunity that is the key to a future of freedom, choice and flexibility. If this opportunity comes your way you HAVE to grasp it with both hands and give thanks that you are the chosen one.

Michele Walsh

Success Coach, Ms Money Maker

Alexia’s competence, ability and generosity of spirit is impressive.

I practice multiple energy methods specialising in traumatic birth, and had long considered my skillset to be complete. Alexia’s reported success in clearing anxiety in a hospital corridor intrigued me. Happily, this lead me to train with her.

Alexia took our very mixed-background group on a lively and thorough introduction to a simple 5-step process. Alexia explained the Head Trash Clearance Method to suit our interests giving plenty of examples of the Head Trash Clearance Method in practice. This appealed greatly. The training was highly experiential with time for Q&A and deep discussion.

Alexia’s delivery style was relaxed; obviously founded on expertise and knowledge. As a lover of language, I appreciated ample time being given to use of rhythm, metaphor, opposites, paradoxes and much more. Highly valuable supporting workbooks too.

I could feel changes happening in myself as well as in turn witnessing a softening, an objectivity, neutrality replace concerns and inner conflict, in the space of one short session!

Head Trash Clearance Method has vast potential as a life-changing self-help method. And, not just someday soon, but right now.

Julie-Anne Mullan

Pregnancy & Birth Therapist, Life Energetics

Attending this course has helped me in every aspect of my life!  Both personally and professionally, everything we learned has helped me very literally in my day-to-day work as a birth professional as well as a wife and mother.  While I felt happy with the direction my work was going and my own development, I feel like this course helped clarify my goals and help send me forward in so many ways.

I knew I needed to practice self-care in order to better serve my clients, but our training gave me tools to use that become even better at preparing myself and my clients for our work together.  I believe every single birth worker would benefit from having access to this course!  By focusing on working through our own experience and thoughts in the first weekend we clear the way in the second weekend to help facilitate our clients’ work.

This is invaluable information!

Heidi Thaden-Pierce


Are you ready to create powerful change in the world?


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Investment £1200*

This training investment for the Head Trash Clearance Method training includes;

  • All Head Trash Clearance Method training materials provided during our live training
  • A nutritious lunch and refreshments during the Head Trash Clearance Method training
  • Access to the online training resources for you to revisit in between both courses and after the Head Trash Clearance Method training. This an extensive online course that includes videos and downloads to help you solidify your training (worth £199)
  • Group catch-up call half-way in between both weekends to give you the chance to ask questions, get accountability and share successes
  • Facebook group to connect with others on your training, and to ask questions from your trainers.

*Split payment option is available: 3 x payments of £425 (Total amount payable of £1275) Choose your payment option at checkout.

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Inside the online course

More praise for the course…

I’ve just completed the RR course with Alexia Leachman. This was both challenging and fun, and her ability to make a process simplified really helps. For me, as a psychotherapist it gives me a tool in my bag to work with pre and post natal issues, as well as being used in conjunction with other tools to diminish the impact of emotional issues.

Lesley Carter


The course is liberating! After 5 days I am left with a sense of calmness and confidence and I am more aware of the signs my body is giving me. Thank you! Truly amazing!


Training Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different from the tapping therapies (EFT, TFT)?

As Tapping therapist, you tap on endpoints of individual meridians, on single meridian release points. This therapy taps into all 14 of your meridians in their entirety, and at once.

It uses a psychological framework that interacts with the subconscious allowing releases from all aspects and dimensions of an issue at once. No relentless tapping chasing after issues and aspects of issues. No chasing the pain. The depth and breadth of the intervention makes instant, permanent changes, with no recurrence.

No need to keep re-tapping the same thing!

How is is RR different to NLP?

The Head Trash Clearance Method training evolved from Reflective Repatterning (RR) which is a technique from the field of Energy Psychology (EP). This means that it works with BOTH the mind AND body, whereas NLP is limited to working with the mind. Our emotions are communicated to us through our mind and bodies and often get stuck in our bodies. To be able to fully free ourselves of trapped and negative emotions we need to clear from mind AND body. NLP excels at helping people to model their behaviour and makes changes in line with the desired goal, but this is can sometimes be like giving someone a mask; the person underneath is still the same. Conversely, RR clears what stands between a person and their true essence. No need for modeling or masks; just authenticity.

I'm a coach, can I use this with my clients?

This works in perfect combination with coaching and can accelerate the results you’re able to achieve with your clients. Using the Head Trash Clearance Method can help you to uncover any sources of self-sabotage BEFORE they occur. This an save you session time and help you to create more change and in less time with your clients.

I work online via Skype, can I still use this?

The Head Trash Clearance Method can be used in-person or over Skype or the phone. You don’t need to see your client or be in the same room as them. There is no effect on the outcome whether you’re in person or not, so it really depends on what works best for you and your client.

How long does it take to clear an issue?

Once an issue has been identified, a typical piece of clearance work takes around 30-45 minutes. However, this can vary with some clients needing much less and some needing more. Some clearances can happen in a matter of minutes. It depends on the issue being worked on and how interwoven the issue may be with other issues the client may have.

Does this work on phobias?

YES! This works brilliantly on phobias of all sorts.

Eye opening! Refuelled my desire to perform at a more calmer and more effective level.



Wow! The head trash training! Just brilliant! I talked my friend’s ear off about it. She wants to do it!


Stylist, Coach