Head Trash Coaching Course

Head Trash Coaching is a new coaching style that enables you to deliver more powerful results to your clients in a shorter amount of time.

Head Trash Coaching helps you to deliver even better results for your clients in 2 ways:

  1. You can help the client to identify whether the goal they are bringing to you, really is the right goal for them.
  2. Any blocks or interference that stand between your client and their goal can be identified and cleared in the first session.

What makes Head Trash Coaching so potent is this; both of these can be done in one session RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING of the coaching relationship.

Compare this to a typical coaching relationship whereby the coach is only able to address either of these issues, once they’ve become apparent. This in itself may take several sessions to become evident, which depending on the frequency of your sessions, could mean months for your client.

What’s different about Head Trash Coaching?

Head Trash Coaching combines traditional proven coaching approaches with the principles of Reflective Repatterning to create a new coaching approach that enables you to speed up the coaching process and get better results.

By integrating Reflective Repatterning into the coaching framework we are able to work quickly and effectively at a subconscious level. This means that we can successfully identify and clear any blocks and interference that are holding our clients from achieving the life they want.

Our Head Trash Coaching course is unique in that we are blending t

What you will learn

During our unique course, you will learn applied Reflective Repatterning to help you be a better coach so that you can deliver even better results for your clients. Some of the things that you will learn include;

  • The Head Trash Coaching GROW-UP model and how this can be applied to every coaching relationship.
  • A quick test to help you to identify when head trash is affecting your client’s goals, BEFORE they start pursuing the goal.
  • The Head Trash Cycle: where the various interferences and blocks come from, how they build up and how to clear them.
  • Why the GROW model and other coaching frameworks have an important, but limited use. And why it needs to GROW UP!
  • How accessing and changing subconscious patterns and processes can speed up the coaching results.
  • How to uncover and clear interference and blocks BEFORE they make their presence known.
  • How working with the Laws of Opposites can help to provide your clients with more flexible thinking and new perspectives.
  • How to integrate Head Trash Coaching into your coaching practice.

How much?


The course fee includes

  • 3-day training course
  • All course materials
  • A pre-course one-to-one session [worth £199]
  • Ongoing support from the Head Trash team

Praise for the course

The first time I heard about Reflective Repatterning, or simply “RR” as its founder Chris Milbank calls it, is when I was looking for a coach for myself. Immediately I was very curious to find out more about this technique, for my own benefit and that of my coachees. So I decided to sign up for the 3-day Head Trash Coaching Course, designed and run by Alexia Leachman and Chris Milbank.

What a wonderful experience!

From the initial contact with Chris and his team, right through the relaxed breaks and up to the last minute when I left the very welcoming training place, I felt very grateful to have embarked on this fabulous journey. I was convinced from the first session that RR works, and also that it is very enjoyable. The sessions I had as a receiver were enlightening. Some vivid and painful emotions which looked and felt like mountains at the time just simply vanished, from my mind and from my body, leaving me calm, free and ready to move forward.

Chris is a very knowledgeable healer and his as well as Alexia’s excellent and generous training is of great value to me personally, and as a coach. I had a chance to practice RR myself, throughout the whole course, and I got great results. It was amazing to see the change in my clients’ energy system, while helping them find balance, overcoming resistance, unwinding self-sabotage mechanisms or working on their beliefs. I could therefore build up my confidence to the point that I am now going to offer RR sessions to those of my coachees who I believe would greatly benefit from it.

Finally, I know I can count on Chris’ and Alexia’s ongoing support, which is fantastic.

I strongly recommend to any individual and coach interested in using a very powerful framework for themselves and their clients to get trained in RR, and practice it. I will certainly do so myself.

Thanks you so much.

Francoise Orlov

Career Coach

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