Being offensive is a good thing. Yes. You read that right. Maybe you’re someone who is offended by offensiveness. But, have you considered that offensiveness is actually a polite way of healing? Ha! Yes!

We might think that people who are offensive are actually stressed, angry or upset and that for some reason, they totally forget about being polite and it all comes wrong i.e. offensive. But maybe it’s not them at all. Maybe, it’s the offendees who are the problem. Yes! Maybe it’s those that are offended who are the ungrateful, selfish manipulators!

You still with me? Well, let me explain myself before I offend you!

We all know these people: sensitive types who get upset really easily. So much that they’re constantly telling us about the latest thing that’s got their goat. Remember Mary Whitehouse who was offended by a small bit of nudity or a small blue word. These sensitive types can be so vocal that it can easy to think that how they feel is how most of us feel. But for many, using words like this is a form of expression and they just don’t get the offensive bit.

When you break it down, it’s kinda interesting. The thing with these sensitive types is that they usually make a pretty big deal of the things that offend them and so people begin to pussyfoot around them. They then begin to stress themselves out as they tread on eggshells trying not to offend these sensitive types. The bottom line is this: where does offense start and stop for these offended people? Is it not about time that people who are offended do something to heal them of their issue, rather than try and control and manipulate all their friends and family who want to freely express themselves?

For us, we see offensive people as very healing. When someone or something offends us, it’s an opportunity for us to take a closer look at what’s happening inside of us to trigger our offended response. After all, being offended is a subjective thing – what may offend Dave may not necessarily offend Selma. When we look inward as to why we feel offended, it’s probably down to our own unique values, morals or beliefs. But surely, if we were to ask that person to never express themselves in that way again, just because we were too lazy to address our own personal issues, then that would make us just a tiny bit manipulative and controlling wouldn’t it? And isn’t that offensive to some?

Years ago a comedian we’ll call Jim made a joke in Great Yarmouth at the Britannia Theatre and approximately 449 people laughed and clapped their hands. But one person objected and in protest she got up and walked out. So Jim triggered off some hurt in this one person, but was he responsible for her? No of course not. People have to be responsible for themselves just as the 449 other people are responsible for themselves. This person who objected ended up getting the council involved and started a media campaign against the comedian. But instead of going through all that palaver, what if she had said to herself “Oh dear! I’ve obviously got some shit going on here that I need to deal with, I’d better take responsibility and get someone to help me with it.” What if she went a step further went on to say “In fact, I think I’ll thank Jim for highlighting this to me” You see, when we heal our internal conflicts, they can no longer stress our body and destroy our health, which they can do over the long term.

But, instead of taking responsibility she chose to blame and get the council involved with the result being that Jim stayed away from the area. Thus she managed to manipulate the comedian to shut him up, punish all the locals and tourists by upsetting Jim so much he wouldn’t come back, have the newspapers stand on their high heels and join in the argy bargy and make sure her friends and family not watch him or go to see him. All this because she felt offended. When you look at it like that its easy to see what a manipulating and controlling person she became. Imagine if we all manipulated and controlled by pretending to be a real victim, just because a personal moral or belief or set of values was crossed. Politicians who act in this way are seen as dictators.

We need offensive people in our lives to highlight areas where we need to change. The more we get offended in our lives, the more likely it is to be a personal issue. Of course there are going to be cultural and societal values such as those around race and sexuality that some may argue don’t count. But the thing is, by sticking ruthlessly by your strong values despite the ongoing barrage of offensiveness coming your way, wouldn’t it be easier and less stressful to not get offended in the first place. These people are always going to be around you, you’re not going to be able to change 7 billion people very easily – much easier to change yourself and lead a less stressed existence. In fact, when you are less offended you’ll be less emotional about this offensive issue and this will make it much easier for you to engage with these offenders to share your point of view and possibly bring them round.

We see it that those who are offended are the most offensively, rude, controlling manipulators who are selfishly trying to rule that only their own personal way of expression is acceptable.

So next time that you have a chance to express yourself notice that you feel better, and compare this to the stress of pussy-footing around and treading on eggshells, and then decide what is best for you.

PS. If you don’t like this message then perhaps consider you have some head trash to clear, if you rise up against this message are you attempting to manipulate or control the point of view of the authors, if so f*ck you!