Eliminate your stress triggers

Would you like to identify and eliminate the things that cause you stress?

In this session, Alexia Leachman from Head Trash will share a new technique that can help you to manage your stress levels. Alexia started Head Trash when she discovered a new technique for clearing what she calls head trash; negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that stop you from being your best. Alexia then simplified this technique so that anyone could use it really quickly and easily, and she called it the 5-step Head Trash Clearance Method. It’s this technique that Alexia shares during the session. The 5-step Head Trash Clearance Method can be used to clear any type of negative thought, feeling or emotion really quickly, so that you can be calm and clear in thought and action.

During this session Alexia will focus on helping you to identify what causes you stress so that you can start to reduce the impact that these stress triggers have on you. She will also introduce you to the 5 Step Method so that you can start to use it to clear the negative thoughts and feelings that might be stopping you from being your best.

How long is the session?

This session can be delivered in 1 hour, or it can be extended to a day or two. In 1 hour, attendees get a quick overview to inspire them to try the technique on their own. Further resources are provided so that they can continue their head trash clearance journey on their own. During the full day workshop, attendees get the opportunity to practice using it to build confidence, and learn more about the nature of their stress triggers so that they find it easier to identify and clear them going forward.

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You can find out more in our book Clear Your Head Trash which is available on Amazon.

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